iHEAR Trust - International Campaings & Projects


What iHEAR Trust will do.

iHEAR Trust, a non-profit organisation will raise funding by launching a Cardano Native Token called "iHEAR" as soon as decentralised exchanges are created on the Cardano Blockchain. It will be the first global non-governmental organisation entirely funded by cryptocurrency and all operations will be run on the Cardano Blockchain.


Our Token Listing: https://cardanoassets.com/bf0175e3c926ef30dd3d60ed4d374f89c1feb37b6116875f5aaf3df8


We will use the value created, by selling our token, to deepen our research, reach formal relationships with partners & innovators, build our multi-lingual international team, become an incubator for new technologies and projects that will help our planet, improve living standards internationally, support new projects, developing open-source techniques, and supplying financial & manpower resources.


Here are specific examples of projects and activities we will focus on initially can be found on other "Projects Pages".







We will be welcoming project proposals that need funding and other support to help solve the key planetary problems.