Up to date (28/06/21) all of the work, research and development has been completed by Carl Henry through “Carl Henry Global”, it is now time to develop a specialist team that will carry this company and the many opportunities forward.




The company’s bylaws provides for the appointment of Company Directors who will appear on the official record and will deal with the day-to-day operations of the company and ensure the laws and obligations are completed. These include accounting, filing official records, managing employees, legal matters and deciding the general direction of the company.


The typical Directors we expect to appoint are:

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

MD - Managing Director

COO - Chief Operating Officer

CTO/CIO - Chief Technical Officer

Directors to head up: Housing, Ecology, Affordability & Recycling


In addition to these posts, we will appoint various administration and technical staff.




The Directors can authorise any number of committees to propose and run specific projects that achieve the objects of iHEAR Trust Limited, these committees are made up of both Directors and Members.


Committees will all have a chairperson who will preside over meetings.


Committees could be created for specific projects, or parts of projects, also a committee could be created to deal with projects within a specific country and to co-ordinate sub-committees that deal with more detailed matters on a local level.




Anyone can become a Member, we only ask that they hold at least $1.00USD of the iHEAR Token and complete a simple application form.


Any member can present proposals for projects or changes to governance subject to the developing governance guidelines.