The objective is to build a decentralised governance model motivated by global needs and best practice, wherever possible we will create projects based on the “DAO” model.


(DAO) A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.


A DAO is founded upon and governed by a set of computer-defined rules and blockchain-based smart contracts.





We will operate the company in line with our company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, Committees of Members will be established by the Company Directors, decisions will be by a simple majority for Ordinary Resolutions and Special Resolutions will require a super majority vote (See the company Page to download company documents:


Voting software will be developed in line with projects and their needs, also with the individual development of the three blockchains and the available applications available within their ecosystems. Voting may be facilitated though a wallet, a third-party software or website.


Proposals & Committees


Member’s proposals or written resolutions may be submitted by members who have applied properly to become members of iHEAR Trust, a portal will be provided, and are holders of a minimum of $1.00USD of iHEAR Tokens. We will decide on any minimum thresholds of the numbers of votes submitted required for a vote to be valid on a project-by-project basis.


The Directors may appoint members who are specialists required to develop a project to sit on special committees.


We will create Members Committees as Project specific teams as well as general management teams for general areas of operation, language requirements or geographic specific activities.


Governing Law


iHEAR will Initially operate under UK Company law, although this will be under continuous review in light of growing numbers of projects and the geographic locations we are operating in.


Larger projects may be run through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) with iHEAR holding varying numbers of shares. The voting systems employed will reflect the details of the particular project.


Projects may be funded by issuing new project specific tokens, existing iHEAR token holders will be allocated some free Tokens in proportion to their current iHEAR Token holdings and will have priority and preferential access to buy additional new tokens.