Most corporations are run with one objective in mind: ever growing profits for the shareholders. Add this to the well-established fact that there is a worldwide shortage of appropriate living accommodation, it can be no surprise that the cost of housing has risen far more than the increase in household incomes.


It is well past time to address this disparity between need and affordability, so we avoid the further centralisation of home ownership to the richest and most powerful. At the moment there is no incentive for the traditional home builders to innovate any more than is demanded by governmental treaties or self-serving industry standards.


It is time to employ the new materials and efficient techniques that will facilitate the delivery of homes in the necessary quantities, at a minimum standardised quality, with reduced timescales and in an environmentally sustainable way.


There are many technological answers available that provide solutions and efficiently solve waste management challenges, the problem is that they are quite often too expensive particularly for less developed parts of the world – we need to bring down the cost of these technologies so everyone can use them.