Our planet is well on the way to ruin due to the throwaway society; current recycling methods are inefficient and ineffective, technologies now exist that can not only repurpose all types of new waste but also deal with urban and electronic waste that is already in landfill sites and in our seas.


Urban-Mining and e-Mining are the way we will turn around our negative effects on our planet.


For example, it has been established there are more precious metals above ground, available in our waste electronic equipment than is feasibly left to mine below ground, except for a small number of organisations there is little effort to recover and reuse these rare assets.


Building with Recycling in mind


Thought must now be put into what materials we use for our housing and surrounding infrastructure; we cannot simply use what is expedient or convenient today only to create problems later on.


Obviously, we need to put materials and equipment into new buildings that can either be recycled, reused, or repurposed, this eventuality needs to be included within the initial development plans with a clear roadmap for future uses.


We must also create living spaces that has recycling of the waste we produce and generation of the energy we need as part of the initial design.